North American Mycological Association (NAMA)

NAMA, a non-profit organization of professional and amateur mycologists, is dedicated to promoting and advancing the science of mycology. Unlike many of the other sciences, mycology often involves both amateurs and professionals who rely upon one another for the advancement of the science.

More than 70 clubs, including MMHC, and 2,000 individuals from the United States, Canada, and Mexico belong to NAMA. MMHC encourages budding mycologists to join NAMA to advance their own education in the field and to support other educational and fellowship opportunities available from NAMA.

NAMA is committed to the promotion of scientific and educational activities related to fungi. Members receive a bimonthly newsletter, The Mycophile, and a once or twice-yearly issue of the Journal McIlvainea: Journal of American Amateur Mycology. Members have the opportunity to attend the annual foray that is held in different regions of the United States and Canada, and may also attend fascinating regional and international forays. It is a terrific way to meet people who share your passion for mushrooms and to learn more about mushrooms by participating in a wide range of educational events associated with NAMA.

NAMA supports the protection of natural areas and their habitats. It advocates the sustainable use of mushrooms as a food source and endorses responsible mushroom collecting.

Our website,, offers many free programs to members and clubs to learn about fungi. Educational materials may be downloaded. We also offer the loan of a Mushroom Teaching Kit for children, at a discount for members.

NAMA has reduced dues for members of the Michigan Mushroom Hunters Club. To learn more about NAMA and to join visit their website