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Who we are…

The Michigan Mushroom Hunters Club (MMHC) is a social and educational organization dedicated to collecting, identifying, and enjoying wild mushrooms found throughout the state of Michigan. While our membership is primarily located in southeast Michigan, we have members in all parts of Michigan and the surrounding states.

Activities include:

  • educational programs
  • frequent forays (mushroom hunts – both member only and open to the public)
  • annual banquet and fungus festival
  • social gatherings

Our membership is comprised of experienced and beginning, amateur and professional, mycologists working together to improve their ability to identify mushrooms, share in nature’s bountiful supply of mushrooms, and assist local authorities with mushroom identification when an accidental poisoning is suspected.

Forays (hunts) take place on both public and private lands beginning in late April and running through mid November. Participation in the mushroom hunts is free to members and non-members who have never attended an MMHC foray in the past. Club meetings include foray planning sessions and educational opportunities. We are as dedicated to the social aspect of mushroom hunting as we are to the educational portion of it and we often hold potlucks throughout the year. These gatherings give us a more informal educational opportunity and let us sample a wide variety of mushroom dishes.

Membership in the MMHC is open to all interested persons. Members receive our quarterly newsletter ( Spores Illustrated – click here to see a sample), access to our calendar of events, discounts on event fees, and easy access to an extensive base of knowledgeable members. If you are interested in learning more about the MMHC and events that may be held in your area, please contact:

Lenny Tomaszewski 

For a list of our officers and other contacts within the club please click here.

Membership in MMHC provides you with:

  • Our quarterly newsletter – Spores Illustrated: click here to see a sample
  • Access to the club’s yearly event schedule
  • Discount on NAMA membership dues
  • Access to an extensive mushroom knowledge base

 Membership in the MMHC is open to all persons 18 years of age and older.

The cost of annual membership is $15 (electronic newsletter) or $25 (printed newsletter) per household.

A membership in MMHC also qualifies you for a discounted membership in the
North American Mycological Association (NAMA).

If you are interested in joining MMHC you may click here to obtain a membership application.

In a mushroom poisoning emergency contact your nearest poison control center in the US or Canada, emergency room, or your physician.
US Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222

Beginner educational information:

For Beginners

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