It is with a heavy-heart that we announce

Larry Hildreth, life member of Michigan Mushroom Hunters Club passed away suddenly on Sunday, September 30th. He was at Fungus Fest the day before.

Larry was one of the founders of MMHC back in 1981. He also served as President. Larry shared his practical knowledge of wild mushrooms at an uncountable number of mushroom hunts. He was generous in sharing mushrooms that he collected with anyone who had an empty basket. Very simply, Larry was a wonderful person and Michigan Mushroom Hunters Club was privileged to have him as a member, friend and mentor.

His passing is a great loss to MMHC and his family.

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Michigan Mushroom Hunters Club (MMHC) provides opportunities for amateur and experienced hunters to commune both with nature and with others who share an interest in and appreciation for nature’s bounty. Whether it is discovering a new culinary delight, getting out in the great outdoors, or simply enjoying the company of others, we think that your membership and participation will prove to be one of great benefit.

If you are new to the world of mushroom hunting or mycology, we encourage you to contact us and attend one of our public hunts and/or other educational events where we will help you to get started in this rewarding activity. MMHC welcomes children accompanied by their parents to participate in our hunts.