Kid’s Corner

Mushrooming for Kids

Introducing children to the world of mushrooms is a great way to peak their interest in science, nature, and the great outdoors. Mushrooming with your child also provides a way of having quality time in a quiet and peaceful setting instead of the go-here, go-there, never-stop bustle of today’s world. With all of that in mind we want to offer up some suggestions for resources that can help you to introduce your children to the world of mushrooms. Always remember though that you need to instill a good sense of caution in the children and never allow them to eat mushrooms without your approval.  We welcome children accompanied by their parents to participate in club hunts.

In this section, we are offering some material for teaching children about mushrooms.

Material for teaching children about mushrooms:

The Fungus Files

How to Make a Spore Print

9 Educational Drawings

Basic 45 Minute Lesson on Fungi

For more such Information

The Fungal Kingdom

Books Recommended for Children to learn about Mushrooms:

How the Mushroom got its Spots

Books for Young People from the NAMA website

4 Books Recommended by Sandy Sheine