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Polyporus alveolaris

Polyporus alveolaris aka Favolus alveolaris:
Hexagonal-Pored Polypore

The hexagonal-pored polypore is a very common mushroom that fruits from April through November though it is most often found in springtime. Polyporus alveolaris is edible but is usually too tough to eat. The mushroom is generally found on dead branches of hardwood trees especially hickory, oak, elm, poplar, willow and beech.

Polyporus alevolarisThe reddish yellow to pale red, scaly cap is semicircular to kidney or fan shaped with a short laterally attached stem. The cap ranges from ½ to 4 inches across. The white, hexagonal pores are arranged in radial rows and are decurrent (going down the stem). The short stem is 1/8 to ½ inch long when there is a stem. The spore print is white. The hexagonal-pored polypore is found throughout North America and also in Asia Australia and Europe.

Although most books list this mushroom as tough but edible, I have never been tempted to try this small leathery mushroom.