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Orange peel fungusThe Mushroom for
April 2013 was...

Caloscypha fulgens: the Snowbank Orange Peel Fungus

The spring orange peel fungus is sometimes found when we are out seeking morels. It fruits in April and May primarily in the mountains of Western North America (the Sierra Nevada, Cascades and Rocky mountains). We found this mushroom fruiting in a boggy area near conifers at the Oak Grove State Game Area while on a spring morel hunt.

Coloscypha fulgens is an yellowish-orange, stalk-less cup fungi. The cups are nearly spherical when young flattening out into a cup shape that sometimes is split on one side. The cups are irregularly shaped, often lopsided. The inner surface is yellowish-orange to orange sometimes with blue to green strains. The outer surface is colored like the inner but blue to greenish stains appear more frequently especially near the margins.

Caloscypha fulgens

Unlike the somewhat similar orange peel fungus that fruits in the fall, the snowbank orange peel fungus is not edible