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Oyster mushroom

Pleurotus ostreatus - Oyster mushroom


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Novice Mushroomer

Beginners and old-timers alike can benefit from the review of cautionary notes regarding tick control while in the field and the eating of wild mushrooms. Be sure to read through these two short articles that appeared in the Connecticut Westchester Mycological Association newsletter and is shared here with the Association's permission.

Eating Wild Mushrooms     Tick Control    Picking Mushrooms in MI

If you have ever tried a new hobby or sport you are undoubtedly well aware of how frustrating it can be to know exactly how to begin the process. Well, here at MMHC, we are trying to make your first mushroom hunting experiences enjoyable and informative right from the start. To do that you need to come to a mushroom hunt a bit prepared so we have created this short list of items that you should consider bringing with you. As you progress in the hobby you will undoubtedly think of other things you would like to have but these will get you started.

By the way, children are welcomed as long as they are accompanied by a responsible adult.

MMHC has established an emergency alarm code in the event that a participant in one of our hunts becomes separated from the group, sick, injured, etc. If this happens, we urge the use of the following alarm whistles (a whistle is a must have when hiking through the woods):

One long whistle = Here I am.

Two whistles = Come this way.

Three whistles = Emergency, come quick!!

We strongly recommend you bring the following:

Recommended but not absolutely necessary: